What’s My Superpower? Being Luckie!

I am Luckie Daniels, a Senior Technology Program Manager living in my hometown of Atlanta.

Because who I am professionally is readily available via my resume, LinkedIn profile (linkedin.com/in/luckiedaniels) and personal website at beluckie.com, I want to speak to who I am beyond my digital and paper footprint.

I am a mature worker. For the second time this year I have lost my tech job as a senior manager due to being 50+ years old. I rock at what I do and am considered an expert in my field. As a seasoned Program Manager I’ve lead the implementation of many successful IT projects and products. I know how to get the job done and still get excited by the challenges [and opportunities] presented by evolving technology. Being 50+ years old with 20 years of industry experience is NOT my handicap, it is my gift.

I am a proud, single mother. I am mom to 3 BEAUTIFUL children and 2 of them depend on me to be employed and committed to helping them achieve the bright future they deserve. I want to see my son complete his Philosophy, Politics and Law undergraduate degree and advance to law school. I want to support my 7th grade track star daughter in achieving her dream of attending Spelman College to study Engineering in 2024. I have no time for unemployment. I must continue working for their future and mine.

I am a community servant. It’s simple, I am at my best when applying my skills to help others. Doing work that matters matters to me. In 2016 I co-designed SEESAY (seesomethingsaysomething.today), an award winning teen suicide prevention app and in 2018 implemented FUELSTEAM (fuelsteam.org), a DC Public Schools “Excellence through Equity” funded STEM initiative in Ward 5 elementary schools. If equity, inclusion and community service matter to you, I am here for it.

I am a dream believer. I am not finished. I’m committed to investing in our individual and collective human potential. I plan to travel and explore the world. And down the road, I look forward to enjoying my FUTURE grandbabies and a retirement filled with farmland, free-range chickens and happiness.

Hire me. I am Luckie and I bring many gifts to the table.

And to my former manager who frequently referred to me as a “marathoner among sprinters“, thank you.

Slow and steady wins the race baby! #JustKeepRunning




Thanks to the training offerings of Scrum Alliance and the EXCEPTIONAL guidance of Judy Neher, I’m proud to say, Luckie Daniels is a Certified Scrum Master! Woot-woot!

I’d highly recommend Scrum Alliance and am so thankful for one of the most engaging and information filled trainings I’ve ever taken.

So what does a Scrum Master do all day? Checkout Joshua Partogi’s insights and let’s get this party started!

When life serves you lemons (and an opportunity to ELEVATE) . . . GET SCRUM!



BE CURIOUS: Science & Astronomy Night at Arroyos Del Norte!:)

BeCurious - BuddhaDoodles

There are few things I 💙 more than STEAM enrichment, community and curious young people! From delicious Frito Pies and hot chocolate, to supportive community partners (UNM Taos, Upward Bound Math and Science) to engaged parents, “Science & Astronomy Night” hosted by Taos Municipal Schools, Arroyos Del Norte Elementary was a SMASH!

We ate. We created. We explored. And we talked lots of alien existence, strange sky sightings and what makes Mars cohabitation the Earth alternative — thanks Ian!

A telltale sign you’ve got it right? When after 2 hours your kid still isn’t quite ready to leave!:)

Well done Arroyos Del Norte! May the stars be forever in your favor!:)



“Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious.” – Stephen Hawking

Inspired art courtesy of “Mollycules” via BuddhaDoodles


“Together, we can build a more just and equitable tomorrow.” — Ben & Jerry’s

Stand. Believe. Hope. Love. Work. #PECANRESIST is the FLAVOR of TODAY. Thank you #BenandJerrys for making resistance so very delicious and REAL!

Support: Color of Change, Women’s March, Neta and Honor the Earth.

RESIST the urge to quit good people . . . VOTE. VOTE. VOTE.

Take Flight.


Making a deliberate [mental health] choice today to forgo CNN (I need a minute) in favor of taking my mind, heart and body on a ride with my mini-me, Pinky . . . let’s  ASCEND . . . and trust better, brighter days are ahead. Big ups to Janet of VACATION Balloon Company for making our morning!

Prayers of peace and ease . . . good people everywhere . . . #KEEPTHEFAITH 💗

Day of the Girl: #ThisIs18

If ever there was a time to celebrate, support and applaud our girls, it is now! In celebration of Day of the Girl, thanks New York Times for giving us a glimpse of what being 18 looks like around the world with #ThisIs18!

“I will vote. I will fight for us, all of us. It is a big charge and a big responsibility for our generation. We are going to be loud and recognized and influential.” – Sage Grace Dolan-Sandrino, Washington, D.C.

A simply amazing, breathtaking and educational interactive experience! Can’t wait to share it with the special girl I’m celebrating today . . . my magical “Pinky”.

Pinky Peanut - Cat Ears BW REDUX

ArtPrize 2018: Nikesha Breeze Vote Code #67714

Exciting news! Taos Artist, Nikesha Breeze is showing at ArtPrize 2018! Are you lucky enough to be at ArtPrize? We need you to download the ArtPrize app (iOS | Android) to enter your vote for #67714 . . . NOW.

108 Death Masks: A Communal Prayer for Peace and Justice is a breathtaking, relevant, extraordinary offering. A homage to the Ancestors.

Incredible. We are so proud of Nikesha! Rock on my friend!


photo credit: ArtPrize 2018 voting is officially underway, Neil Blake, MLive.com