“Luckie is a rock star. She is a senior level program manager/project manager and has spent a lot of time working on digital projects. She is a great consultant to the business team but also takes the time to understand the needs of the dev team, and successfully straddles both while pushing projects forward and holding everybody accountable and on track. She worked for us as a consultant who understood how personalization worked within Sitecore. She helped us develop business requirements that aligned with our overall strategic vision but used her knowledge of Sitecore personalization to implement something realistic for our business and for the platform. She’s very organized, can think at a high level but also get into the weeds if needed, and is a great overall partner for us. She is extremely personable and a joy to be around. Hire her immediately!”

AMY LUTZ – Director of Marketing, Mohawk Industries – mohawkind.com

“Luckie is an incredibly driven, passionate and bright media specialist and project manager. She combines a wealth of corporate experience with a keen sense of people and a mastery of communication technology. Her clarity of vision and non-nonsense approach was key in the success of our collaboration, which resulted in a national award-winning campaign. Luckie would be a tremendous asset to any marketing or media campaign. I would love to have the opportunity to work with her again.”

ANDY “ROSEY” HAYETT – Director, True Kids 1 – truekids1.org

“I had the pleasure of working with Luckie Daniels for a very hectic and complex project for Pearson Learning, top publisher in education. Luckie will never miss a beat and be aware of every single detail of the project. She communicated with the client impeccably, to the point where my client trusted her more than anybody else in my organization. She kept track of all deliverables, deadlines and milestones without ever missing one, in a project that had dozens of them many times inter-dependent; sometimes even the client would be confused about them, due to their sheer quantity. She has a very cheerful and pleasant way of communicating with the client, on top of being in full awareness of all the particulars and relevant elements, which is what inspired the trust they had in her. If you choose to work with her, you can have the peace of mind that no ball will be dropped and no detail missed.”

MAX GOLDSCHWARTZ – President, Vida Systems, Inc.

“It has been my pleasure to work with Luckie Daniels since early summer of 2014. Luckie has assisted the Zephoria consulting team with direct client interaction and marketing account management services. Luckie has been an invaluable part of the team and has been a client favorite. She is uniquely gifted at being able to communicate with diverse personalities in navigating a common client goal and objective. She is a phenomenal team player and will be a great resource to any program in which she is a part.”

DAN NOYES – President, Zephoria Digital Marketing – zephoria.com

“It has been a great honor and privilege working with Luckie, a key player on the Travel Flag project. Though we had many challenges with respect to the application and delivery, she took them with ease and made sure we completed tasks on time. Luckie’s leadership was admired by the entire group and set a benchmark for anyone coming onto the challenging project. I certainly look forward to working with her on future initiatives.”

PRABHAKARAN RAJASEKARAN – QA Lead, Bank of America – bankofamerica.com

“I worked with Luckie Daniels while she was a project manager at Bank of America. Luckie was responsible for managing all aspects of a mobile development project. This included coordinating multiple development teams, testing teams, release management, and other resources within the bank. Luckie quickly came up to speed with the bank’s internal project management process and successfully guided the project over many hurdles. She has excellent communication skills and was quick to address any concerns or potential setbacks for the project. Luckie is an excellent project manager and would be an asset to any team.”

DON MATTHEWS – VP, Bank of America – bankofamerica.com

“I have had the pleasure working with Luckie Daniels for the past seven months. She knows how to develop an engaging social media strategy that will put your business on the map. She thinks quickly on her feet and can utilize her creative talents to design and develop dynamic websites, incorporating strategic SEO and SEM. Her attention to the smallest details and dedication to a project is her biggest strengths. I am deeply impressed not only with her skills but with her knowledge in the industry.”

CHRIS BAKER – Publisher, The Taos News – taosnews.com

“I HIGHLY recommend working with Luckie. She and her team are fantastic at web design, branding, SEO etc. and they deliver!”

AGNES CHAVEZ – Founder, STEMarts Lab

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