Saugus High School, Santa Clarita. Innocent students, Gracie Anne Muehlberger (15) and Dominic Blackwell (14), fatalities in yet another preventable, senseless, school shooting at the hands of a peer with a gun. As a mom, this news story is my WORST fear. Please be aware . . . RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. I tell Peanut to […]

Thank You Ruby Bridges

The Problem We All Live With . . . On 14 November 1960 a 6 year old courageous little girl, escorted by Federal Marshalls, was the first African American student to attend an all-white elementary school in the South. Ruby Bridges faced violent mobs of angry white parents and community members to desegregate William Frantz […]

What’s My Superpower? Being Luckie!

I am Luckie Daniels, a Senior Technology Program Manager living in my hometown of Atlanta. Because who I am professionally is readily available via my resume, LinkedIn profile ( and personal website at, I want to speak to who I am beyond my digital and paper footprint. I am a mature worker. For the […]


Thanks to the training offerings of Scrum Alliance and the EXCEPTIONAL guidance of Judy Neher, I’m proud to say, Luckie Daniels is a Certified Scrum Master! Woot-woot! I’d highly recommend Scrum Alliance and am so thankful for one of the most engaging and information filled trainings I’ve ever taken. So what does a Scrum Master […]


“Together, we can build a more just and equitable tomorrow.” — Ben & Jerry’s Stand. Believe. Hope. Love. Work. #PECANRESIST is the FLAVOR of TODAY. Thank you #BenandJerrys for making resistance so very delicious and REAL! Support: Color of Change, Women’s March, Neta and Honor the Earth. RESIST the urge to quit good people . […]

ArtPrize 2018: Nikesha Breeze Vote Code #67714

Exciting news! Taos Artist, Nikesha Breeze is showing at ArtPrize 2018! Are you lucky enough to be at ArtPrize? We need you to download the ArtPrize app (iOS | Android) to enter your vote for #67714 . . . NOW. 108 Death Masks: A Communal Prayer for Peace and Justice is a breathtaking, relevant, extraordinary offering. […]