I am Luckie Daniels, a Senior Technology Program Manager living in my hometown of Atlanta.

Because who I am professionally is readily available via my resume, LinkedIn profile (linkedin.com/in/luckiedaniels) and personal website at beluckie.com, I want to speak to who I am beyond my digital and paper footprint.

I am a mature worker. For the second time this year I have lost my tech job as a senior manager due to being 50+ years old. I rock at what I do and am considered an expert in my field. As a seasoned Program Manager I’ve lead the implementation of many successful IT projects and products. I know how to get the job done and still get excited by the challenges [and opportunities] presented by evolving technology. Being 50+ years old with 20 years of industry experience is NOT my handicap, it is my gift.

I am a proud, single mother. I am mom to 3 BEAUTIFUL children and 2 of them depend on me to be employed and committed to helping them achieve the bright future they deserve. I want to see my son complete his Philosophy, Politics and Law undergraduate degree and advance to law school. I want to support my 7th grade track star daughter in achieving her dream of attending Spelman College to study Engineering in 2024. I have no time for unemployment. I must continue working for their future and mine.

I am a community servant. It’s simple, I am at my best when applying my skills to help others. Doing work that matters matters to me. In 2016 I co-designed SEESAY (seesomethingsaysomething.today), an award winning teen suicide prevention app and in 2018 implemented FUELSTEAM (fuelsteam.org), a DC Public Schools “Excellence through Equity” funded STEM initiative in Ward 5 elementary schools. If equity, inclusion and community service matter to you, I am here for it.

I am a dream believer. I am not finished. I’m committed to investing in our individual and collective human potential. I plan to travel and explore the world. And down the road, I look forward to enjoying my FUTURE grandbabies and a retirement filled with farmland, free-range chickens and happiness.

Hire me. I am Luckie and I bring many gifts to the table.

And to my former manager who frequently referred to me as a “marathoner among sprinters“, thank you.

Slow and steady wins the race baby! #JustKeepRunning


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